Advanced NonStop MQ Training

Die Advanced NonStop MQ Schulung richtet sich an MQ Betreiber die Ihre Fähigkeiten im NonStop MQ Umfeld vertiefen wollen. In dieser Schulung wird unter anderem auf folgende Themen eingegangen:

  • MQ directories and files in OSS and Guardian environment, Installation/Upgrade procedures, Fix Pack release map, IFIX Installatio, Overview MQ commands for OSS and Guardian, Nonstop to MQ User Name Mapping, Queue Manager Creation and Deletion, MQ Nonstop Queue Manager Components, MQ connections (binding options) , Native / Non-native support, Distributed Transaction, MQ Client access to Nonstop MQ, MQ NonStop Client to other MQ, Queue File management, Persistent and non-persistent message handling, MQ Triggering for OSS and Guardian, MQ Nonstop and TMF, High Available Nonstop Queue Manager (HANSQM), Disaster Recovery and backup and restore, TCP Provider , OpenSSL for MQ Nonstop, System sizing and Tuning, Self-diagnostic possibilities

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