CS-FTP-DB is used when you need to transfer data between your databases often.

Application Areas:
CS-FTP-DB is the connection between file transfer and database. It can directly transfer data from and to any system from and to your NonStop SQL tables.

Product Characteristics:

  • fast transfer of mass data (transfers more than 10 million records per hour in parallel mode)
  • can retrieve data directly in EXCEL compatible format
  • helps using cheap resources for data analysis
  • helps saving NonStop SQL configuration data in a version anagement system
  • can do pre- and post processing of filetransfers automatically

Product Information:

With CS-FTP-DB you can transfer NonStop SQL data directly to any other system (workstations, PC, other databases) quickly, cheaply and easily.

  • CS-FTP-DB is implemented as a single process on the NonStop system, no client components are required
  • the file transfer protocol is handled by the HP NonStop TCP/IP software as usual
  • formats can be CSV or configured in an easy way
  • configurable logging of data transfer

CS-FTP-DB requires the TCP/IP protocol to be installed on your NonStop system.

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