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CS-SQL-COMPARE compares SQL- tables of similar or equal structure.

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Application Areas:

Comparing SQL tables is a task done more often than you might think:

  • replicated tables have to be compared to their sources to make sure that the replication works
  • test results have to be compared against reference tables
  • configuration databases in test environments have to be compared with their production counterparts
  • checks for referential integrity have to be done by comparing key columns

Product Characteristics:

CS-SQL-COMPARE is the solution for all of these tasks and many more. It can compare databases on a running system. CS-SQL-COMPARE is an easy to use command line tool with an extensive amount of features.

Checkpointing allows to interrupt a compare run and continue at a later time.

Product Information:

  • interactive or batch usage
  • can be used for compares on active “hot” databases
  • selecting and deselecting of columns for comparison
  • WHERE conditions narrowing the number of rows to consider
  • support for comparison of different data types (character types to numeric or date…)
  • fully automatic iterations handle situations where tables are modified by the application during the compare run
  • different action options available for any kind of difference found
  • usage concepts are easy to master, yet powerful