CS-DDETECT monitors a configurable set of processes and finds out if any of these processes “hang” and do not do any useful work because of database deadlocks or similar situations. If CS-DDETECT detects a deadlock it gives you an extensive report about the specific situation your application encountered. The report contains:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Process involved
  • Files opened by the process
  • Current state of the process (including a complete stack trace for programs coded in C, C++, TAL or pTAL)
  • Locks on the relevant files
  • Owner of the locks
  • Info about the transactions involved in the locks
  • and much more relevant information

CS-DDETECT runs in the background without any kind of human intervention – 24 hours a day. A simple configuration file is everything you need to provide – then CS-DDETECT will start saving you precious time in analysing events which are otherwise diffcult to catch.
Product Information:

  • Product monitors configurable set of processes
  • Can monitor processes by observing that they are hanging (not using any CPU time while doing I/O) or providing slow response times (by probing the processes with test messages)
  • Extremely simple installation
  • Very simple configuration
  • Fully compatible with all Pathway and batch applications (Pathway is not required)
  • Knows about TMF and transactions
  • Reports provided in Edit file format
  • Reports can be saved to PC while product is running
  • Very low CPU consumption (depends on number of processes monitored)

System requirements:

  • HP NonStop Server, K- or S-Series, OS release D45 or higher
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