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CS-TP-SPY helps you to learn more about transaction activity on your HP NonStop Server.

Product Characteristics:

CS-TP-SPY analyses and monitors audited database activities on your HP NonStop Server. It identifies changes of your database. Transactions of the past can be found using search criteria, then all the details of the transaction can be shown.

With CS-TP-SPY you can:

  • find transactions, that damaged your database
  • find long running transactions
  • find transactions matching almost any given criteria, like those setting an account balance to values below or above thresholds
  • recover lost data
  • find bugs in applications by analysing transaction contents
  • see transaction results on the database immediately when they happen

CS-TP-SPY enables you to quickly find and isolate problems in your database. This saves time and money.

Product Information:


  • uses your NonStop TMF audit trail files, every single piece of information in the audit trail files can be found typically with just a few commands
  • does not bother you with raw data, but provides the application view by querying the NonStop SQL or Enscribe data dictionary catalogue where necessary
  • is easy to use and uses simple commands.

If you are familiar with SQLCI you will master CS-TP-SPY quickly.

System Requirements:

  • HP NonStop Server (K- or S-series or Itanium)
  • Guardian release D4x or higher
  • NonStop TMF