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With CS-MAIL you can send e-mails fully automated from your HPE NonStop Server.

Application Areas:

CS-MAIL is highly efficient and easy to use. You can send emails from any HPE NonStop application. For example you can send reports to customers or error messages to your systems management staff fully automated. CS-MAIL is useful in all cases, where program results are needed by users, but physical paper is not really required.

Product Characteristics:

  • can send emails to as many recipients as you like and supports all kinds of attachments
  • can use in combination with CS-PRINT to send emails simply by creating a printer job
  • is easy to install and use – no new API’s have to be learned and mastered, no gateway systems have to be used

Product Information:

  • CS-MAIL is a SMTP gateway process, which communicates with your email server via the SMTP protocol
  • Send emails directly from any NonStop application
  • The SMTP gateway works nowaited and multithreaded, so you can send several e-mails at the same time
  • Envelope information like sender, recipient, subject, attachments (text and binary) are inserted in a special format at the beginning of the job