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CS-FREGAT enables you to connect devices to your HP NonStop Server or to co-ordinate the internal message flow

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Application Areas:

CS-FREGAT does protocol translation and message coordination between any kind of device and your HP NonStop Server.

In combination with CS-COCKPIT system monitoring will become a lot easier.

Product Characteristics:

  • can be used in any situation where devices have to be connected to a HP NonStop Server or
    when internal message flow is to be co-ordinated
  • uses it’s own programming language for communication purposes
  • is very useful for developing a prototype for a linehandler in really short time (typically in one day)

Product Information:

CS-FREGAT solves all your communication problems using one single product.

  • is a front-end system that is programmable in it’s own programming language based on “finite state machines”
  • includes an interface to CS-COCKPIT
  • works together with all established communication protocols