CS-ANYDB is used when you need to access a database on another platform from your HP NonStop server application.

Application Areas:
CS-ANYDB is a software infrastructure solution to access a database on another platform from your HP NonStop server. It uses an ODBC based gateway.

Product Features:

  • ODBC client for HP NonStop server
  • works via MS Windows ® gateway
  • supports multiple gateways
  • supports unlimited number of connections
  • works with any ODBC compliant database
  • supports all ODBC functions
  • rowsets, stored procedures, bulk operations
  • read and write access to remote database
  • applications may concurrently connect to different gateways and databases
  • requires no other components beside the standard ODBC for the target database

Product Information:

If your NonStop application needs direct access to a database on another platform (like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) then CS-ANYDB provides a reasonably priced solution. CS-ANYDB provides a full ODBC interface on the NonStop server to access any database, device or application which come with an ODBC driver for the MS Windows ® operating system.

ODBC Compatibility

CS-ANYDB supports all functions of the ODBC 3.0 standard. Even rowsets, bulk operations and stored procedures are supported.


CS-ANYDB uses one or more gateway systems to access the target databases. A gateway system is a MS Windows ® based system where the ODBC driver of the target database system is installed. Each gateway supports an unlimited number of concurrently active connections. Each application can connect to multiple databases using one gateway connection or to multiple gateways. This architecture provides an almost unlimited overall scalability.

Performance Enhancements

In the CS-ANYDB implementation great care has been taken to provide excellent performance and reduce application delays based on network latency. Besides the hidden performance improvements, tuning parameters have been implemented to improve performance even in cases where the target database does not support several desired ODBC performance features like rowsets.

Remote File System Access

In addition to the full ODBC implementation CS-ANYDB comes with an easy to use API to directly access text or binary files on the gateway. Using this feature your NonStop application can easily write into log files located on the gateway or any network drive visible from the gateway. FUP-like or programmatic file transfers can be done (example program included) with full control of success and duration.


For testing and ad hoc purposes an easy to use command line tool is included. With this tool you can connect to any ODBC data source, issue queries or modify the database interactively or script-driven.

Management and Monitoring

The number and activity of connections can be observed with a status window on the gateway. For defect analysis tracing features are implemented. These can be used programmatically if needed.

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