With CS-X6530 you can access your HP NonStop Server from Unix or Linux clients. It is a X-Windows terminal emulation for UNIX systems.

Application Areas
Many different systems are used in heterogeneous networks. Often users with Unix- or Linux workstations have to access the NonStop-system.

Product Characteristics:
CS-X6530 is a 6530 terminal emulation for Unix-/Linux X-Windows environments.

CS-X6530 is available for:

  • SUN Solaris operating systems (SUN SPARC and Intel processors)
  • LINUX (Intel processors)
  • other systems on demand

Product Information:
CS-X6530 uses the TCP/IP Telnet protocol. TCP/IP must be installed on your HP NonStop Server for connectivity with CS-X6530.

All 6530 terminal functions are supported (block and line mode).

CS-X6530 is compatible with all NonStop terminal applications like:

  • Pathway applications
  • Tacl
  • Viewpoint
  • Viewsys


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