CS-RMDB supports almost all features of NonStop SQL/MP in the client library:

  • Cursors
  • All SQL/MP functions
  • WHERE CURRENT OF constructs
  • All NonStop SQL/MP datatypes (only exception is multi byte character sets) including all interval and date/time datatypes
  • Data type conversions automatically handled by the product
  • TMF transactions, transactions can even be handed from one client to another process (just like transaction inheritance through the NonStop message system)
  • Statement timeouts (SQL/MP on the host can not do that in the same way!)
  • Statement caching for best performance
  • Static SQL available if required

In addition CS-RMDB supports access to Enscribe databases through a rich set of API functions:

  • 30+ Enscribe related functions available in the client library
  • Pathend compatible functions available

All this is achieved with an extremely efficient architecture. There are two versions to choose from: CS-RMDB Basic starts a process on the NonStop Server for each client process connecting to the database. The CS-RMDB Plus version pools connections and so avoids expensive process starts. The Plus version transparently handles short lived network failures – even an open cursor survives a network reconnect!

Product information:

  • Rich set of API library functions for Windows or Linux (other platforms on request)
  • Simple installation on the HP NonStop Server
  • CS-RMDB Plus architecture for automatic handling of network failures and pooling of services Statement caching available for good performance
  • For extreme performance requirements even static SQL is supported (customer provides just the SQL statements and relinks the product on the NonStop Server)
  • Full TMF support
  • Full Enscribe support
  • Very low CPU consumption

System requirements:

  • HP NonStop Server, K- or S-Series, Itanium, OS release D45 or higher
  • TCP/IP
  • NonStop SQL/MP

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