CS-PRINT can control any specific printer you want to connect to your HP NonStop server.

Application Areas:
CS-PRINT is a very general print process for HP NonStop Servers. It talks to virtually any printer.

Product Characteristics:
CS-PRINT can talk to almost any available printer including network attached devices via LPR and TCP/IP.

CS-PRINT is also used for special purposes like barcode printing.

CS-PRINT is highly configurable and adaptable. It can be enhanced with a custom written user library if required.


  • CS-PRINT: basic system
  • CS-PRINT/TWPRINT: for printing to or processing printjobs on Windows and Windows/NT systems
  • CSPRINT/NT-Service: Similar to CS-PRINT/TWPRINT – the workstation part is implemented as an NT-Service
  • CS-PRINT/LPR: component for printing using the LPR protocol, which is especially common in the UNIX world, but also available on Windows NT systems
  • CS-PRINTFAX: component for sending fax messages from any Tandem application via spooler subsystem
  • CS-MAIL: component for sending emails from any Tandem application via spooler subsystem

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